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【SmartPhone】 Convinced why the iPhone is badly fighting in India → not selling

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【SmartPhone】 Convinced why the iPhone is badly fighting in India → not selling

The iPhone is fighting hard in India

I often hear such news recently.
Talking about the iPhone secures a large area at the mobile shop ** It should be the best-selling smartphone **.
I examined why the iPhone can not be sold in India.

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Apple store problems

It is a market with a huge population that is said to be more than one billion India, but ** no Apple Store **.
It is said that there is nothing, ** I will make it from now **.

The first Apple Store in India is planning to open the capital New Delhi and Bengaluru in southwestern India, which is producing iPhone, around 2020.
The world's largest Apple Store in India, opening to store around 2020 - iPhone Mania

In the background that there is no Apple Store, India sets high barriers to the entry of foreign companies to protect domestic industries.
The point is It is tough for foreign companies.

As the smartphone market matures and sales are sluggish, each company is looking forward to expectations in the Indian market where future growth is expected. However, the Government of India, which focuses on the promotion of domestic industry, imposes that over 30% of the products are manufactured in the same country as conditions for permission to establish directly-managed stores by foreign companies.
Apple wishes, Apple Store opening in India to allow! Government official speakers - livedoor news

In other words it is not so if there is no place to sell.
Just because there is no direct store (Apple Store), there are dealers.

Apple - Find Locations

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Popularity issue

As mentioned in the previous article, iPhone is not sold in the world unexpectedly.
Rather, it is a situation that it is abnormal that selling too much in Japan.

For now the market share of iPhone is relatively high only in developed countries that are relatively close to the US, and India is not applicable to this condition.
(Actually, Samsung was widely used, and I often saw Motorola 's smartphone that I do not see much in Japan.

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Quantity problem

Originally, ** iPhone is expensive **.

When I checked the price of iPhone 8 in, it is about 57000 rupees.
For the rate of February 2019 it is around 88000 yen.
Examining the price of iPhone 8 at is 69000 yen.
It may be surprising, but overseas the iPhone is extra high.

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Income problem

Apart from super excellent people, the income of common Indians is not high.
The well-known company Oracle also has the following salary levels.

  • Senior engineer: annual income 150 ~ 2 million yen
  • Development Manager: Annual income 4 million yen

Average Oracle Corp. Salary

It is unreasonable to buy an iPhone with this salary level of around 100,000 yen.

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  • There is a department
  • But price over Japan
  • And because salaries are not high, you can not buy it

For this reason iPhone is considered not to be sold.
Since things are good, I just hope that it will become a price that the hands of ordinary people can reach.

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