Zip and rar files can not be decompressed with a decompression application such as WinRAR

Zip and rar files can not be decompressed with a decompression application such as WinRAR

** "The archive is in an unknown form or broken" **
** "CRC error" **
If you are using WinRAR and other decompression software, it may be bothered by such a message.
I will introduce one cause and solution in that case.


Even the same zip or rar file can be decompressed by decompression software or can not be decompressed.
In other words, there are times when the compression method is slightly different even if the extension is the same.


There are three solutions.

  • Make the latest version of software
  • Try repairing the compressed file
  • Try other software

Make the software up to date

If the software used for compression is newer than the software used for decompression, compression and decompression methods may not fit and sometimes can not be decompressed.
If the version of the decompression software is not up-to-date, it may become possible to decompress it by updating to the latest version.

Try repairing the compressed file

Compression / decompression software sometimes has a function to restore files.
In that case, since there is a right click on the menu "repair the library", try using it.

Try other software

It may be possible to decompress using another decompression software.
It may be good to try 7-Zip etc.

7-Zip Official Page

In the case of decompression failure with unix OS such as mac

If uncompression fails with unix-like OS such as mac, it seems that the file is damaged and actually there is a possibility that the way of thawing actually is different.
If you have a Windows PC, you may want to try unzipping on Windows once.

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