Why Xiaomi's Redmi 12C might not fit for all people

Why Xiaomi's Redmi 12C might not fit for all people
Redmi 12C
Xiaomi's Redmi12C came out, didn't it? What is that?
It's a solid product at a low price, isn't it? But I might pick people.

Android allows you to freely choose smartphones from various manufacturers.

Among them, Xiaomi has recently been attracting attention for its good cost performance.

Some models can be purchased for under 20,000 yen with decent specs.

And in March 2023, Xiaomi announced a new product in the Japanese market.

Redmi 12C

The price at the time of announcement is an entry model of 19,800 JPY for the model below.

So what kind of smartphone is Redmi12C?

It seems who will use it from looking at the specs and reputation.

So today, I will explain "Why Xiaomi's Redmi 12C might not fit for all people".


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Advantage to read

You can understand "Why Xiaomi's Redmi 12C might not fit for all people". Then you don't worry about choosing new smartphone.

Specifications of Redmi12C

Let's check the specs of Redmi12C first.

[Redmi 12C] (https://amzn.to/3yMQmrx) has the following two models, but the specifications are generally as follows.

  • 4GB+128GB version
  • 3GB+64GB version

Item Contents
Brand Xiaomi
OS Android 12.0
CPU MediaTek Helio G85 octa-core processor
(8 cores, up to 2.0 GHz)
Memory 3GB/4GB
Storage 64GB/128GB
cellular technology 4G
Camera pixels 50 million pixels
Screen size 6.71 inch HD+
Battery capacity 5,000 mAh
Authentication Rear Fingerprint, AI Face Recognition
(as of March 2023)
¥19,800 / ¥23,800

Its memory is a little small, but the CPU is decent, the storage is 64GB or more, and camera's resolution is enough.

It looks like it has enough specs for an entry smartphone in the low 20,000 yen.

But I think there are some subtle points.

So what is the problem?

Redmi 12C subtleties

At first glance, the Redmi 12C seems to be an entry-level smartphone, but there are some subtleties.

Warning points

  • 5G not supported
  • Fingerprint location
  • Micro USB

5G not supported

Reference: Redmi 12C (Amazon)

One of the subtleties of the Redmi 12C is that 5G is not supported.

This is clearly written on the purchase page as 4G.

It will not be suitable for users who use 5G high-speed communication.

Fingerprint location

Reference: Redmi 12C (Amazon)

Another subtlety of the Redmi 12C is the fingerprint location.

I'm quite curious about the position of the fingerprint authentication.

First, the back point.

In Xiaomi's past low-priced model Redmi9T, the fingerprint sensor is not on the back, but on the side power button.

Redmi9T's side fingerprint sensor
Redmi9T's side fingerprint sensor

Being on the power button on the side was easy to put your finger on and easy to use for authentication.

But the Redmi 12C has lost its goodness.

And the position of the fingerprint sensor on the back is also subtle.

Reference: Redmi 12C (Amazon)

As for the position of the fingerprint sensor on the back, it tends to be installed slightly above the center of the back, but in the case of Redmi12C it is placed beside the camera lens ing.

It's offset from the center of the back, so fingerprint authentication when held in the right hand might be difficult.

Plus, the proximity of the lens to the fingerprint sensor means you might accidentally touch and smear the camera lens.

This can be very subtle.

It seems a bit difficult to use.

Micro USB

The biggest subtlety of the Redmi12C is Micro USB.

Micro USB instead of USB type-C.

This is painful even though USB type-C has been popular for quite some time.

With type-C, you can reuse charging cables and mobile battery cables, but Micro USB does not allow you to reuse type-C cables.

And type-C has no front and back, but Micro USB has front and back, so it's a little troublesome to insert it.

Ah, this is difficult to use. . .

It may be painful if you are not a person who does not have resistance to using Micro USB now.

Redmi12C reputation

It looks like a good value smartphone, but what is the reputation of Redmi12C, which has subtle points?

See what people are saying on Twitter.

The camera performance seems to be quite good, but it seems that the reputation is not so good because the Micro USB is holding back.

Some said "Redmi Note 10s is fine".

Certainly Redmi Note 10s might be better



Today I explained about "Why Xiaomi's Redmi 12C might not fit for all people".

Redmi 12C has a slightly smaller memory, but a decent CPU, 64GB or more storage, and the number of pixels in the camera, It looks like it has enough specs for an entry smartphone in the low 20,000 yen range.

However, attention should be paid to the following points.

Warning points

  • 5G not supported
  • The position of the fingerprint sensor is close to the lens
  • Micro USB

If you don't mind these points, it would be good as an entry smartphone.

If it bothers you, you may want to try another product.

If the number of pixels in the camera can be lowered, OPPO Reno7 A would be fine. This is USB type-C.


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