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Write WordPress articles for each language

Last time, for multi-language for WordPress,
I wrote as If you don't write each language articles, use translation plugin.
So this time, I introduce how to write articles for each language.

About last article

  • For multi-language, "write multi-language articles by yourself" or "use translation plugin"
  • Recommended plugin is Google Language Translator

Advantage for making articles for each language

Advantage for making articles for each language is
Indexing articles in search engine.

If you use translation plugin, translated article does not have own URL.
So translated article will not be crawled.
If you make articles for each language, they have own URL.
They will be crawled and indexed in search engine.
Then customer can find your site easily.

How to make articles for each language

How to make articles for each language

Just write manually. But there is useful plugin.
Major plugins are below.

5 multi-language plugins for WordPress | TechAcademy
7 multi-language plugins for WordPress - WPJ

qTranslate X

When I search for multi-language plugins for WordPress, this plugin comes.
But this plugin is not updated. So not recommended to install.

qTranslate X is not recommended for WordPress multi-language.
Maintenance is stopped. So there is security issues.
Not recommended plugin for WordPress multi-language


This is updated plugin.
How to use is below.

  • Activate language pack.
  • Select "Add translation" to copy original article.
  • Translate copied article by yourself.
  • Put "Switch language" widget on sidebar.

This plugin don't add extra table. So this plugin will not conflict with other function.


  • Making articles for each language is godd for SEO.
  • Recommended plugin is Bogo

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