Where is Sticky Notes in Windows10 ?


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Where is Sticky Notes in Windows10 ?

Where is Sticky Notes in Windows10 ?
With using Sticky Notes, we could put notes on our desktop.
It was in Windows7. But we can't see it in Windows10.
Is it omitted ?
No. We can use it in Windows10.

What is Sticky Notes ?

"Sticky Notes" is an aoolication that can put memo on youe desktop.
It seems like post-it and it sticks to screen.
It is very useful application to remember task.

Sticky Notes in Windows

Where is Sticky Notes ?

Sticky Notes was pre-installed in Windows7.
And you may not see it when you install Windows10.
But it exists.
It is not pre-installed. You can get it from Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store

In order to find Sticky Notes, you should go to Microsoft Store. The you can see Microsoft Sticky Notes like below.

Microsoft Sticky Notes

Be careful to find correct one. There are many Sticky Notes. So you should find Microsoft Sticky Notes.

"Microsoft Sticky Notes 3.7" is released


  • You can find Sticky Notes for Windows10 in MS Store.
  • You should choose Microsoft Sticky Notes

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