The reason why you should not update macOS Monterey

New macOS will come. Should I install it ?

On June 7 in 2021, Apple announced new macOS "Monterey".

It will come autumn 2021.

Mac is good PC for development or creative work.

Should we update it ?

No, you should not.

According to the history, we should wait to install macOS Monterey.

So today I checked out about "The reason why you should not update macOS Monterey".


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You can understand "The reason why you should not update macOS Monterey".

The reason why you should not update macOS Monterey

The reason why you should not update macOS Monterey.

It is because macOS update will cause trouble.

Will issue happen ?
It must happen.

In case of current version "Big Sur", its update made big trouble.

So this case will cause trouble too.

About "Big Sur trouble", please read the article below.

Why does macOS update cause issue

Why does macOS update cause issue ?

Main reason is that Apple doesn't care related companies.

Care ?

It is due to Apple's relationship.

Apple makes and sells their own product like iPhone or iPad.

It also makes accessories like mouse and keyboard.

Apple does not need other products in order to check Mac.

If they make new macOS, they can check it inside their office.

So Apple doesn't care others.

They don't care others. So what will happen ?
Imagine that your program use OS function A.
Suddenly OS announces "OS is updated. Now OS function A is not available."
So what will happen ?
Oh, it must cause trouble in my program.
It happens in a lot of programs.

They don't care others. And OS is updated.

Then as we estimated, there comes a lot of trouble with third party program.

And also a lot of third party devices could not prepare driver for new OS.

So it doesn't work after update.

Like this, OS update cause big trouble.

This trouble will happen until Apple share information with third party companies.

Reputation of macOS Monterey

Then how is the reputation of macOS Monterey ?

I picked up some opinions on SNS.

According to these opinions, some people has already tried beta version.

They found that some functions are disabled.

Still some products are not adapted to Big Sur.

So people worry about new macOS Monterey.


Today I explained out about "The reason why you should not update macOS Monterey".

The reason why you should not install it is simple.

It is because macOS update causes a lot of issues.

Third party devices or programs are not ready when macOS is updated.

Even there is beta version, it is better to check the reaction of "updated" users.

If you have not updated to Big Sur, the best timing is the day before Monterey release.

It will be autumn. So you should update before it.

I see. OS is very stable right before that new version comes.
That's right.
(To tell the truth, I would like Apple to cooperate with others and release stable OS...)

By the way, there is an artcle about "Big Sur issue list".

You can read it and understand how dangerous to install new macOS just after the release.

[P.S.] macOS Monterey is Out Now!

macOS Monterey was released on 25 October in 2021.

But this update was smaller than Big Sur.

So it may not cause so destructive issue.

October 2021 has brought a brand new operating system software update to Macs. macOS Monterey arrived on Monday 25 October at around 6pm UK time.

source: macOS 12 Monterey: Latest Version, Problems And Fixes - Macworld UK

Still it is better to wait review of initial installed people.

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