Emoji is not displayed in Slack

Emoji is not displayed in Slack

Emoji is not displayed in Slack.

When we use Slack, sometimes emoji is not displayed.
This article introduces how to solve it.

What is Slack ?

Slack is team collaboration tool.
To put simply, it is a kind of LINE or Skype.
It has these features. And it is used in business.

  • Each text has own URL. We can refer it easily.
  • We can use Emoji.
  • We can make open group and closed group.

Slack is an American cloud-based set of proprietary team collaboration tools and services, founded by Stewart Butterfield. Slack began as an internal tool used by his company, Tiny Speck, in the development of Glitch, a now defunct online game. The name is an acronym for "Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge".
Slack (software) - Wikipedia

Emoji is not displayed

In Slack, we can react with Emoji.
If we push like or OK buttons, Emoji icon will be added to the text.

But sometimes emoji is not displayed.


It is an issue in the application.
So you can recover it with reboot.
But rebooting Slack is a little bit difficult.

How to reboot

Common rebooting way is below.
But Slack is not stopped by pushing [x] button.

  1. Stop application
  2. Start applocation

[x] button closes application window. But it still works in the back ground.
To stop application, you should do below.

  1. Click triangle button (display hidden indicators) on the right bbottom of Windows task bar.
  2. Right click Slack icon
  3. Select "Stop"

Then you can restart Slack application.


  • Slack is a kind of LINE or Skype.
  • Sometimes Emoji is not displayed in Slack because of application issue.
  • If you restart Slack, Emoji will be displayed.

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