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Introductory site for Salesforce beginners to learn

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How can I learn Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM (customer management system) and a web service used all over the world.

Although it is a web service, it has a certain degree of customizability, and many companies use it for purposes other than sales.

If you can master Salesforce like that, you will be able to become a human resource in high demand in the world.

But where should we learn Salesforce ?

So today, I would like to introduce Introductory site for Salesforce beginners.


Mid-carieer engineer (AI, system). Good at Python and SQL.

Advantage to read

You can understand "Introductory site for Salesforce beginners to learn". Then you can start to
learn about Salesforce.

Introductory site for Salesforce beginners to learn


Trailhead is an introductory site for Salesforce beginners to study.

Trailhead is the official learning site of Salesforce. It is possible to learn whether

But isn't the usage fee expensive?
You can use free so that you can see it in the image

It is Free and recommended.

But how do we study?
Let's talk about that next step.

How to use Trailhead

I explained that you can study Salesforce on Trailhead, but there may be people who don't know how to use it.

Trailhead is used in the same way as an E-Learning system.

  • Choose what you want to study
  • Read the lesson content yourself
  • Take a test

After registering and logging in, the first explanation is displayed.

Trailhead Today

If you click on the module that is displayed as "Trailhead and ...", detailed units (units) will be displayed.

Trailhead Module

There are units in the module that can be studied in about 5 to 10 minutes, and you will study each one.

In the unit (unit), there is an explanation to promote understanding of Salesforce.

Trailhead Unit

And at the end of the unit there is a multiple-choice test.

Trailhead Test

If you pass the test, you complete the study of the unit.

Trailhead Test

This will be repeated.

How to choose learning content

I found that in Trailhead you can learn about Salesforce like E-Learning.

How should I choose what to study?

You can search for what you want to study.

If you have decided on the Salesforce product you want to learn, it would be a good idea to search by product.

There is also a “Trail MIX,” which is a set of learning content.

Trail MIXes can be found on the Trails page or listed on the Career Paths page. You can also use what you have.

When you select one of the careers listed on the career path page and open the page, the trail mix for the target career is posted at the bottom of the page.

By following this, it becomes possible to learn in a logical way.

It's pretty convenient


Today, I explained about "Introductory site for Salesforce beginners".

Trailhead is recommended as an introductory site for Salesforce beginners to study.

Official E-Learning site where you can free.

You can choose a learning set called "Trail MIX" according to your career path.

It's free and useful!
There is also a community function, and I think it is useful not only for beginners but also for intermediate and advanced users.

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