Whiteout of WordPress broken dashboard

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Whiteout of WordPress broken dashboard

When we logged in WordPress, it does not show dashboard.
Even if we click menu, nothing is displayed.
Today I explain about cause and solution of this dashboard issue.


WordPress dashboard

If you could access dashboard, cause must be latest your action.

Sometimes IT black joke says
"I did nothing, but it breaks."
It doesnot happen so often.
If you dis nothing, it would be time-related deterioration or external factor.
In WordPress, other people can't access your dashboard. So cause would be latest your action.

Possible latest your action is "plugin update".

Plugin update

If there are some issue in plugin update, it may cause dashboard.
Possible issues are below.

  • Update failure (error)
  • Bug in updated version

Some editor plugin effect dashboard.
So its update issue may cause dashboard whiteout.


Of cource, solution is "deleting issued plugin".
But you may wonder how to delete plugin without dashboard.

There is a method to delete without dashboard.

Deleting plugin through FTP

Even if you can't access dashboard, you can delete plugin through FTP.
You can see plugins in the following directory.


WordPress plugin through FTP

You can check latest updated plugin by sorting update-date.
Then you can delete plugin and check result according to following steps.

  1. Backup plugin directory to local machine.
  2. Delete plugin directory.
  3. Check dashboard by refresh web browser.

After checking dsshboard, install the plugin again.
If issue occurs again, you can report the issue to the developper.


When WordPress dashboard is whiteout, you can solve it by following steps.

  • Doubt latest plugin update.
  • Solution is "deleting plugin"
  • Without dashboard, you can delete plugin from FTP.

WordPress not displayed

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