How to lose weight without exercise for lazy engineers

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How to lose weight without exercise for lazy engineers

IT engineers just sit and don't move.
They don't exercise and get weight.
I was fat. My weight was 78kg.
Then I just did a particular method and lost weight.

Today I introduce how to lose weight without exercise for lazy engineers.

Easy to get weight for IT engineers

Before sharing how to lose weight, let me write why we get weight.

IT engineers easily get fat.

It is just because they don't move

IT engineers usually work at their desk.
They rarely go out, but it is rare.
They don't go out. They don't walk.
So they consume few energy.
Because they consume few energy, they easily get fat.

And by their desk, there are attractive snacks.

Once they suspend their task, they like to eat something.
If they eat something, they get energy.
Over gained energy changes to fat abd stay their body.

I know there are slim engineers who exercises at gym.
But others who are not good at exercise meet the condition of getting fat.

I was fat too.
Next I write my failure examples and success example.

I was fat.

I was fat too.

When I graduated university, my weight was 65kg.

After I got job, I got 10kg in forst 3 years. Then my weight became 75kg.

When I felt stress, I went mini stop and ate some sweets.
At that time my weight increased to 78kg.

Once office worker get fat, an event comes.

Health check alert

When we receive result sheet of health check, company doctor says
"Lose weight for your health."

At that time I was in 20's.
I tried to lose weight.
But I failed and failed.

Failed methods

I tried some methods to lose weight.
But I failed.

I tried following methods.

  • Low carbohydrate
  • Running
  • EMS
  • Muscle training

Low carbohydrate

Low carbohydrate

First I tried Low-carbohydrate diet.

I set a rule that I don't eat rice at dinner.
And I don't eat snacks.

I chose this method because it is easy to do.

At that time I usually eat lunch with co-workers.
So I set the rule for dinner.

But I failed.

I continued this method in 9 months, but my weight didn't change



Next I tried running.

In weekday I didn't have energy to run.
So I ran only on Saturday.

I ran 4km around my house.

I continued this in 2 months, but I stopped because I could not feel any effect.

And I could not enjoy duty-exercise.


EMS stimulate muscle by electricity.
It is same as SIXPAD.

At that time I bought similar and cheap product.

I put it on my abs and stimulate again and again.

But it didn't lose weight in 1 month.

To tell the truth, EMS just stimulate muscle.
It is not useful for losing weight.

So it didn't make sense to use EMS.

Mascle training

Last time I wrote
"I could not enjoy duty-exercise".

So you think that it seems strange.

You are right.

I haven't learn.

When I watched animation, I trained.
Once the TV program finished, I stopped training.

Chance to succeed

I failed and failed.
But one day I found a chance to succeed.

It is that food-unmatch in India.

Food-unmatch lost my weight

Some years ago, I lived in India.

India is curry.

People imagine like this.
There are something else to eat.
But almost of all local food is spicy.

And a lot of dishes contain spice.

If I eat spice, I sweat a lot.
So I sweat every time, and I ate few.

Then I lost 3kg in 3 months.

Simple diet

After that I realized simple diet.

If we don't eat, we never get fat.

I used to tried Low carbohydrate diet.
Even I didin't eat rice, still I ate too much.

Replace lunch

Then I stopped to have lunch with my coo-worker and limited my lunch.

I ate a product instead of lunch.

The product is SOYJOY.

It is low GI food. So it provides nutrition with low energy.

I ate this at 10:00, 13:00 and 16:00.

1 bar has around 125 kcal. So 3 bars have 375 kcal.

Basic man consumes around 2300 kcal in a day.
One third of it is 766 kcal.
Even 3 bars, its energy is less than 766 kcal.

And also I didn't eat snacks.

Then I lost 1kg every month.
My weight changed from 78kg to 68kg in 10 months.

Make it a habit


It is important to make the rule habit.

In this method, we don't do any additional task like exercise .
So it is suitable for lazy engineers.


How to lose weight without exercise for lazy engineers is reducing food quantity.
According to my experience, I recommend to eat SOYJOY instaed of lunch.

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