[spam] We suspended your access to your Amazon account.

We suspended your access to your Amazon account.

"We suspended your access to your Amazon account."
"We’ve Blocked your account access until we hear from you."
"Your account access has been limited."
These kind of mail may make you nervous.
Don't worry. It is just a phishing mail.

Horrible email

This kind of horrible email comes with a title like "We’ve Blocked your account access until we hear from you."

amazon phishing mail

amazon phishing mail

The terrible sentence "account lock permanently" will make you nervous.
But you can find strange points if you check the mail.

Strange text

You can find that some sentences are not correct.

  • Orthographic variants like "Amazon" and "amazon"
  • Incorrect conjunction
  • Missing verb

If it was formal mail, it wouldn't do this kind of mistake.

Strict deadline and penalty

"If you didn't verify account, it will be locked permanently."
It is too strict deadline and penalty.

This is a common method to make people to sign a unfair contract.
They force us to decide at last minute with request like "Decide now", "Contract here".
Without enough time to think or collect information, they make us to sign a unfair contract.
This method is common in various business area like beauty, health care and so on.

Sender's domain is google.

You can see as sender's name.
But once you move your mouse over, you can see camouflaged mail address like below.

What will happen if you click link

Even I didn't try to click link, I can imagine what will happen.
In order to avoid these negative effect, you must not click the link.

  • User will be moved to fake page and input account ID and password.
  • Cracker will take over user's account.
  • Cracker will enjoy shopping with user's budget.

Simillar phishing mail with Apple

Simillar phishing mail says "Your Apple ID is locked."
Be careful of simillar mails.

[spam] This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons.


  • Mail of "Account is locked" is phishing mail.
  • You can find strange points with phishing mail.
  • Never click its link.

Identifying false (spoofed) emails - Amazon Seller Central

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