Wait input from keyboard in Python.

Wait input from keyboard in Python.

Wait input from keyboard in Python.

Not only Python but also other program, you want it to wait input from keyboard.
Today I will introduce how to receive standard input.

What is standard input ?

Regarding search result, standard input means input device like keyboard.
You can imagine stdin in C language.

Standard input is a kind of device like keyboard in UNIX environment.
What is standard input ?

Waiting input like below is easy to imagine.

Please input > (blink)

How to wait input in Python

In order to wait input, you can use input function.


var = input("Please input variable : ")
print("Input variable is : {}".format(var))

Once you execute it, it will wait input like below.

Please input variable : 

If you input text and push Enter, program would resume the process.

Please input variable : aaa
Input variable is : aaa

In case of input from console, you can use input function.
raw_input was expired in python3.
Receive standard input


  • If you want to wait input from keyboard, you can use input function in python.

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